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Our WIX Development Services

American Web Club, a leading Wix development company in Austin. We offer customized and unique Wix development solutions, to help you stay ahead of the competition from startups to large businesses.

Setup and Customization

Our team expertly set up Wix for your convenience. We pick the best layouts, designs, colors, and top fonts depending on your tastes. Enjoy our customized Wix development services as well. Our experts will choose the best theme for you.

Wix Template Development

To create new themes, we update existing ones. Wix websites offer flexible layouts that may be customized to your unique needs. From pre-designed templates to custom-built website templates, we can handle it all.

Built-in SEO Features

Our SEO services are designed to help you increase your website's search engine ranks since we know how important SEO is. We proved our skill to manage organic traffic to the targeted website.

API Integration

Developing and implementing high-performance WIX API is something we are quite skilled at. We build connections with other wesite so you can easily grow your website. We can optimize API integrations to save both time and money.

Responsive Optimization

We've developed responsive websites. We choose layouts that are suitable for mobile devices using our techniques for mobile optimization. We're constantly working for better user experience, such as how fast pages load.


We develop exceptional designs and templates that make others jealous. It converts nicely and is of excellent quality. We create stunning designs by utilizing pre-built layouts for each business sector.

Wix Migration Service

We offer secure migration services, so you can set up a smooth transition of all advanced features from other platforms to the flexible Wix platform. To prevent data loss, we transmit your data securely.

Maintenance and Support

We help our clients even after the project has ended. We constantly help and maintain the websites. We have had great customer satisfaction yet.

Hire Wix Developers For Amazing Results

Hire Wix developers in Austin, Texas to optimize your online footprint. Our skilled team excels in smooth integration, theme customization, and store setup.

The Process Of Wix Development


We have an in-depth discussion to understand your company's vision and goals for the first time.

Strategic Planning

We planned the layout and appearance of your Wix website after our discussion. Ensuring that the layout, features, and overall user experience are in complete harmony with your brand identity.

Development and Testing

The design is transformed into a fully functional Wix website throughout the development phase. Our skilled developers take care of your webiste development after a clear concept is in place.

Store Submission

We launch your Wix website and make it accessible to your audience after testing is complete. Now that your website is finished, it is ready to be published on the Wix web Store

Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

After the launch, we continue to be dedicated. To prove that your Wix website lives in the ever-changing digital landscape, we provide regular upgrades, maintenance, and support to enhance the performance of your store

Experience Wix's magic with our unique Custom Development Services!

Consider your website to be a unique fun playground where you can customize each feature to you want. 

Our Wix professionals go above and beyond to build websites that load extremely quickly, look amazing, and rank highly in searches.

Why Choose Wix for Your Online Store?

Choosing Wix for Your Online Store

With Wix, create a website with ease and get a multitude of perks catered to your needs. Explore the Various Features of Choosing Wix for Your Website
Discover the ease of use that comes with Wix’s design, which features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to create a beautiful website without any challenges.
Use the number of customizable tools offered by Wix to personalize your online presence. With the help of Wix’s customizable features, which include add-ons, integrations, templates, and themes, you can build a website that has the exact appearance and functionality you desire.
with plenty of resources and 24/7 support at your service. Wix makes it simple to get the help you require when you need it, ensuring a stress-free smooth website-building process.
Wix prioritizes the security of your website and visitor data and is built on reliable and secure technology. For an e-commerce store that expertly blends customization, top-notch security, support, and ease of use, go with Wix.

FAQs on Wix Development

Wix is an adaptable website builder that lets you make incredibly personalized web pages. It’s one of the easiest CMSs to use and can be used by both beginners and experts. It is popular for its drag-and-drop interface and for not needing any prior experience with coding to create visually stunning websites.
Depending on the project’s complexity, different Wix websites take different amounts of time to construct. While more complicated websites could take many weeks to develop, simpler ones can be made quickly.
Customizable templates, e-commerce possibilities, an app store for extra features, and an intuitive editor are just a few of the things that Wix provides. Its cost and convenience of usage are among its benefits.
It is feasible to switch the working website to Wix. To make the procedure suitable for Wix’s platform, a few components might need to be recreated.
It is possible to link your Wix website to your domain name. If you don’t already have one, Wix offers direct domain name purchases.
Indeed, Wix offers fundamental SEO tools and capabilities to assist you in search engine optimizing your website. Wix websites, according to some users, sometimes take longer to load, which might hurt search engine optimization.

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Affordable packages that suits your budget

Basic Package
800.00 $ 399.00
  • Essential Wix setup
  • Installation of a standard Wix template
  • Configuration of basic functionalities (e.g., pages, contact form)
  • Up to 5 pages
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Delivery in 5 business days
Startup Package
1,400.00 $ 699.00
  • Basic Wix setup
  • Installation of a premium Wix template
  • Customization of design and layout
  • Integration of essential Wix apps (e.g., blog, gallery)
  • Up to 10 pages
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Delivery in 10 business days
Professional Package
2,000.00 $ 999.00
  • Comprehensive Wix setup
  • Custom design and development
  • Integration of advanced functionalities (e.g., e-commerce, booking system)
  • Configuration of SEO settings
  • Up to 15 pages
  • 3 rounds of revisions
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Delivery in 14 business days

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Choosing American Web Club for our Wix development needs was a fantastic decision. Their expertise and dedication to client satisfaction ensured our website stands out and drives engagement. Highly recommended!

Evelyn Joseph

American Web Club's Wix solutions were exactly what we needed to establish our online presence. Their attention to detail and timely communication made the entire process smooth and enjoyable.

Belinda Rose

Impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of American Web Club's Wix developers. They created a user-friendly and visually appealing website that exceeded our expectations.

Pearl Austin
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